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How To Setup And Configure Belkin Wireless Router ?

Are you Trying to setup and Configure Your New or Old Belkin Wireless router? if Yes then let me Talk straight To you friend I have used Belkin routers for more than 5 years and trust me this One is the best wireless router I have ever used till now. So Congrats for this amazing choice Without wasting your Important Time let me Start Explaining how you Can setup Belkin wi-fi router at your home.

Connecting The Belkin Router With Modem –
  1. Reboot Your Cable Modem (internet service Provider device) and wait for 30 sec.
  2. Plug the Belkin router to power and Connect the Belkin wireless Router with your modem with help of an Ethernet cable.
  3. Now verify that your WAN port Of modem is Connected to the Yellow Port of your Belkin wireless router.

Belkin Router Installation And Configuration –
Before we setup the Belkin router with your internet Connection I need to ask you 2 questions
  1. Do you have an Extra Ethernet Cable?
  2. Do you have a computer  Or laptop?

Setup Belkin Router With Tablet Or Phone Without Using Computer  –
Friends I understand that Not everybody has the computer Or may be you don’t have the computer right at this moment Or may be you are just too lazy to go to your Computer so here are few steps that you can use to setup the Belkin wireless router without using a computer.

After you have Configured the modem with Belkin wireless router just follow this step
Open Your Android  phone Or tablet and download a full browser like Chrome, Firefox or opera
Google chrome was  fine for me,
  • Just look on your wireless network list
  • You will be able to see a new unsecured Belkin wireless network please Connect with it.
  • Now on the top of your browser type and hit enter (GO)
  • Here you can see your wireless router configuration. you can follow the steps Given and setup the router security and password.
  • You can add a new password for wireless router and new network name and save the settings
  • Once you save the settings try performing a restart on your Belkin router.

Congrats your Belkin Wireless router setup is Complete now you can enjoy using the wireless network
You can use the same steps on computer if you do not have an extra internet cable
Now I will Guide You Towards another way installing the Belkin router.

Belkin Wireless Router Setup With Computer –
it is the easiest way of configuring Belkin router with your modem –

Connect the Belkin router with the modem with internet cable as I have explained in the beginning of this post.
  • Now connect the computer with an Ethernet cable from the first port of your router (LAN 1)
  • Open the router setup page by and let the modem detect your internet connection type
  • Now once you are at your Belkin router setup page you can setup the password for your Belkin router so only you can access it.
  • Now Go to the wireless settings and change the password if you like and Disable the Guest Network (unless You decide to give Free wireless to everyone or may be you are running a coffee shop )
  • You can also Change the network name that will display on your screen as your network name its Called SSID
  • once you do all these changes please save all settings and reboot your router and computer and I am very confident that this will help in Belkin Wireless router setup.

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